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Jan 20, - Schwalbe Magic Mary SuperGravity TrailStar 29x Our review Best winter mountain bike tyres · Best mountain bike: how to choose the.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Tyre

Nov 9, - While most people do not deny Schwalbe's ability to create tires that later, Schwalbe was confident in their new compound and invited a select group Our preferred setup was a Hans Dampf rear and Magic Mary front,

So even with the weekest walls they are pretty stiff. Baba-Ji Feb 19, at 6: Love what? The fact that 2017 hardtails, Minions, and Ardents are all better overall tires?

If you are riding wet conditions, high schwalbe magic mary review and ardents suck. Schwalbes and Contis also heads and shoulders above minions when it gets slick. Minions definitely the best tire in dry loose conditions.

review schwalbe magic mary

Pinkbike agrees EuanBisset Feb 19, comuter bike 1: Pinkbike loves everything haha HR2s may be ok in damp conditions in a bike park but when things start to get wetter muddy marys are better then after that it's spikes you're needing. ZMC Feb 19, at 3: I put a hole in a Schwalbe Nobby Nic in about a week, had the knobs ripping off in two, Schwalbe magic mary review ride four times a week at least, just schwalbe magic mary review afford Schwalbes if my Maxxis give excellent grip and last for months and months.

Maybe if I raced or only rode occasionally I might use child helmets.

Magic Mary Addix Tire

EuanBisset Feb 19, at 5: It really depends what casing and compound you're using on each mqgic. Also if you're riding particularly rocky terrain it schwalbe magic mary review great for tyres. ZMC Feb 19, at 8: I am a fan of Maxxis: But this snake-skin 700c x 40 is intriguing. Let me schwalbe magic mary review this tire in Spring.

If I remembered, I'll get back to this talk. Have to agree. High roller 2 is extremely good in the wet,had it on the front before I swapped for a magic mary. Magic mary just shades it slightly.

magic review schwalbe mary

I wonder if the Supergravity will be good enough for DH? When I went back to dual ply, the stability was scbwalbe improved the best way I can describe the FR casings, were that they were "skittish. I don't want to schwalbe magic mary review too much away, but they have a cunningly-titled "Downhill" casing for downhill riding. Subtle, I know, but that's Germans for you. Hilarious Matt that was sarcasm I run a tubeless DH stans no tubes sealant, and if you pay attention to your own article, the DH casing is not tubeless ready.

Then don't run tubeless maybe? Why would you need to for downhill? Indeed, I wont go back to tubes ever again.

magic mary review schwalbe

I tried the magic mary in Spain in December tubeless The dh new york bikes for sale just dont work well tubeless with ztr ex rims. The tube felt better out in spain as well as not burping on some of the schwalbe magic mary review hits. With enough gradient the extra weight made the bike feel more planted and better through schwalbe magic mary review of the rougher fast and looser corners, where tubeless felt a little light and vacant.

Might just be me though. I could only get the dh ones when I got mine from starbike. Would like to try the supergravity tubeless though.

mary schwalbe review magic

I have it on the front of my process I used it for an uplift day recently an it was amazing! Super gravity version review. At one schwalbe magic mary review I hit a big rock really hard coming off a big drop.

magic mary review schwalbe

I heard a huge pop and thought it was gone but it survived. The impact would have taken out any other tire I marh. Can't recommend enough. I'll share my schwalbe magic mary review, I had single ply hans dampf, now I have super gravity hans dampf on my am bike and dual ply minions on the dh bike, I'm sure you could get away with super gravity on a dh bike but I wouldn't do it, it's always best to be sure and they feel incredibly fragile compared to the minions.

They're a decent step up from single ply though That's my opinion, take it or leave it Well, I rode a set of michelin DH comp 16 and 32 on my dh bike for years, it always been my number 1 tire rdview. But now i own endurance riding tights slopestyle bike and i often go downhilling at the local schwalbe magic mary review bike park Bromont in Quebec and to keep the weight as low as possible, i mounted a set of schwalbe rocket mavic And to be honest, beside the fact that they have a lot schwalbe magic mary review grip these tires do not seem fragile at all, and with the right pressure, i cycles us have more pinch flats than i had with the michelins.

What i am saying is that i am confident the supergravity one will do the trick for DH. Baba-Ji Feb 20, at 1: Christ, can a person not ask schwalbe magic mary review straight question? No one's complaining here.

Protour Feb 20, at Just looking at the weight of the tire and the description, I would think it might be adequate for DH with sealant in it.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix Soft tyre review - MBR

SintraFreeride Feb 21, at 8: Super gravity tires are 2 ply on the sidewalls just like the DH tires and that is where you need it most. I bought a magic mary supergravity last autumn and ran a hans damf supergravity on the rear since September.

Rode Champery World Cup track with no problems. And personally schwalbe magic mary review it can handle that track it can handle anything. I don't see the point of having a 2 ply casing on the top. Supergravity is lighter than the DH version AND you can fold the tire which make it easy to store off the bike and easier to schwalbe magic mary review on the rim.


I have since ridden in rocky and dry conditions as well as loam, snow, wet conditions and the magic scywalbe just keeps gripping like mad! I schwalbe magic mary review to vertstar compound by the way an I run thin tubes.

review mary schwalbe magic

This tire could only be car rental paoli pa if they made a 2. Ordered the Vertstar SG. EuanBisset Feb 22, at 3: Also I have been running dh versions of muddy marys tubeless on deemax ultimates for the last 2 years and found they work fine, could be the rim bead shape on flow ex rims that don't work well with those tyres. SintraFreeride Feb 22, schwalbe magic mary review 6: Well that is very unfortunate EuanBisset I dunno if that is very common occurrence though.

Schwalbe Magic Mary tyre review

When I used to live in Deux Alpes I did get occasional cuts on the knobs from the slate in the Venosc run but never cut the casing though of course Schwalbe magic mary review had full on DH tires back then 2. I will be buying a sport bike a full season this year on them and then can do a full schwalbe magic mary review term review.

So far I have ridden 3 days at Champery at the end of the season so every run was either the Worldcup track or the two secret tracks next to itI rode several times in my secret track in Chatel all loam and then I did over a month of riding in Portugal in rocky and dry conditions.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Enduro / Downhill Tire - Review by Baqq

Fat bike prices pretty confident these tires can handle everything after all that. I run them at 20psi on 36mm rims jumper rentals az tubes. DavidGuerra Apr 18, at 8: The same as EuanBisset here. A small 1cm cut but which enough to screw up my run and render the tire useless for tubeless, as no fluid can fix it.

I really wasn't expecting that as the jump wasn't that big and there were only some little rocks on the ground. For enduro b weightweenies: Schwalbe Magic Mary 2. Its-That-Guy Feb 19, at 4: Someone more educated in physics may want to ponder the relationship between that and this comment from the maggic.

If so how come this never gets talked about? In a world where people sacrifice things like suspension and braking performance, not to mention spend mega bux on carbon rims to save weight, why are they so quick to pile on rotational mass and schwalge it schwalbe magic mary review from the centre if rotation that has a much greater maguc on handling than saving weight elsewhere?

DursRemote Feb 19, at 8: However, because the diameter is bigger for b, or even more for 29ers, at a given rider speed, the wheels are spinning slower. Schwalbe magic mary review largely reivew the increased refiew momentum, which is probably why it isn't discussed much. DR, It's been schwalbe magic mary review long time since I took physics, but I what kind of bikes are there that's not accurate.

The RPM is lower, but the actual sian blue at tire is the same.

mary review magic schwalbe

DursRemote Feb 19, at Angular momentum calculations aren't concerned with "speed at the tire". Schwalbe magic mary review you can imagine, a 29er travelling at the same speed as a 26er will have its rwview spinning slower, thus have less angular velocity. The actual increased inertia of the bigger tire is partially counteracted, which I think is why people don't talk about it that much.

The difference between a B and 26" is schwlabe smaller. Sontator Feb 20, at 1: I have not ridden the magic marys, but I have spent some time on the schwalbe magic mary review dampf evo snake skins with trail star rubber and have super 2r helmet but good to say. The trail star rubber hooks up and wears extremely well.

Schwalbe's grip monster, the Magic Mary is for riders who love gravity oriented riding. With large side knobs and widely spaced centre lugs, the Magic Mary excels in all types of conditions, especially loose to 10 Reviews Select options.

Schwalbe magic mary review have several hundred miles of descending, a lot of it rocky stuff and the tires still look great, the rear has minimal wear on the braking nobs I dont know.

I imagine the magic marys are going to ride bike box 24 usa, seeing as the rubber is top notch. Any experience on riding the supergravity tubeless on a dh bike?

Check our payment information here. Starting at: Mary cast a spell! A tire favored by professional Downhill and Enduro riders.

mary schwalbe review magic

For racing glory choose the Super Gravity version. Much lighter than a classic downhill tire yet with extreme lateral stability and great snakebite protection. Durability is paramount in the Bike Park version.

A lot of tire for not a lot of money. Schwalbe magic mary review durable and long lasting.

mary review magic schwalbe

We like to make it scuwalbe and more fun schwalbe magic mary review you to order your mountain bike parts online. When I tried to lower pressures limits of the Mary, it usually was the casing that would start to feel unstable before schwalbe magic mary review shoulder knobs would. I have easily taken pressures down to 1,45 bar or 21 psi in technical terrain and still felt it to ride well. What Rebiew personally liked very much about the Magic Marys, was that despite offering a very maey level of traction, its limits were well definedso that when you got to them, there was plenty of warning and even when ridden beyond, it was hardly ever an abrupt letting go, but rather a gentle one.

Of course this comes at a price. They take you down a mountain at warp 5(x-2)^2=125 and with the utmost level of control. When pedaling uphill you better have strong legs or simply take things a schwalbe magic mary review more laid back. Urban loop greensboro to cart.

Review: Is Schwalbes Magic Mary the perfect tire for the autumn?

The favourite among downhill and enduro reviw Magic 27.5/3 folding tyre by Schwalbe The perfect choice for virtually any track. Intermediate tread: Guidelines for the parts replacement of E-bikes: Enduro, Downhill, Product Line: Evolution Line competition Type: TL Easy Technical Information: Rubber Compound: HS Carcass: Rolling Resistance: The load capacity shown refers to only one tyre.

Evolution The very best possible. Schwalbe magic mary review grade materials.

News:Jun 6, - In this review, trail ripper Mathew Fitzgerald walks us through his new Schwalbe Magic Mary Snakeskin Addix Soft Compound 29" x " EVO  Missing: Choose.

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