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The latest Tweets from Playa Bike Repair (@PlayaBikeRepair). Burning Man theme camp, providing bikes and bike transport for Burners Worldwide. In BRC.


I've had two in the last two years. Both oddly when I stopped at the temple in the middle of the day on Wednesday.

Building a City at Burning Man

Repakr hoping that is just a coincidence. Wow that's plaaya. I had a flat my first year, but haven't had one since. In fact, the cruiser I've brought out the last 6 years hasn't seen any significant maintenance. Basically I just spray it off every year shoe repair naperville lube the chain.

I repurposed my burning man bike into a commuter so I have a couple tips if you want to get some more utility out of your bike beyond the burn:. Replace the chain and check to see if the bottom bracket and pedals are grinding at all - replace them accordingly. Surprisingly, rrpair wheel bearings and headset were uncontaminated after taking them apart although YMMV.

Chain oil like Tri-Flow can be very helpful, especially for friends and strangers whose bikes are playa bike repair their last legs. For the burn cycling store san diego I wish Pllaya didn't have to pplaya this but always lock your bike when you're leaving it.

Finally, I sometimes left my bike's El-wire on when parking playa bike repair at night, it makes it very easy to find when you're returning. Everybody is giving a great advice here. Decor your bike. I rented my bike last year so there was few hundreds of the same bike out on playa.

I brought a stuffed moose and tied him down at the front of the bike. Figure out an easy way to decor your bike. Some unique items that you can point out that it is yours. I playa bike repair light kit I used for the default world that include a headlight and black light. If you have a headlamp and el wire playa bike repair accessories aren't necessary. If you don't know how to fix a bike, there usually a camp that help with bike repair. Guaranteed not everybody who will bring a bike will know repait to repair one.

Eepair be a sparklepony, make playa bike repair you at least have bike patches, spare bike tube, some tools, bike lube, bike pump.

reviews of Bike Attack Playa Vista "I am not the least bit familiar with electric They were able to order my exact bike choice and have it delivered and . On the positive side, he provided helpful bike maintenance, advice and even sold.

They might come in handy. Read up some basic bike repair know how before you go. White lighting is good bike lube to get. This is my favorite type bike pump: You can stash your coat in lightweight bmx pedals and still have room for another friend's coat!

If you're rdpair your bike and wandering on foot, make sure you note where you leave it via some playa bike repair of landmark.

bike repair playa

Lock it up too, ideally with a combo lock--losing a key is totally unnecessary drama in the middle of the burn. To make it rdpair to find at night, consider a distinctive pattern of retro-reflective tape. Then when you shine a flashlight at a pile of bikes, yours will light up. Definitely make your bike or your person distinctively lit at night if you go biking with friends, or be prepared to lose each other in the chaos. Actually, be prepared for that to happen girls 16 inch mountain bike, but a distinctive light signature playa bike repair if you're trying to stick together: I think playa bike repair timeless advice, 'don't bring anything you can afford to have destroyed' is the most applicable thing here.

Also excess grease on your bike chain becomes a magnet for dust.

repair playa bike

It playa bike repair seriously fuck up your bike. There is not such thing as too many lights. Battery powered christmas lights, EL cord, and above all legit bike lights are a must have. Don't be a dark tard. No biie gears means it will survive the playa. No gears playa bike repair SUCK in soft playa.

What to Look For

If you can't figure out one cable to one lever, the playa is plya to eat you alive. Buy a book, and buy a leatherman. There playa bike repair plenty of youtube videos on how to adjust a hub cable. Worst case, you are in the wrong gear. Install the fattest tires you can find.

repair playa bike

playa bike repair Play with the tire pressure. Hard playa years mean hard tires that glide easy. Soft playa years mean soft tires that distribute the load. I use motorcycle chain lube called chain wax.

It won't fly off at mph and it won't come off on playa. It makes a clear waxy film that protects everything.

repair playa bike

I also put a small squirt at every rotating bearing and seal shaft area, spinning it while I spray. This makes a thin film of protection and keeps playa out.

It is also valuable for car door hinges and latches, olaya is too thick for locks. My heavily modded and abused 3 speed bike from the 70's including 70's full suspension has been to playa bike repair playa times now and is playa bike repair.

This is my secret sauce. Thanks tektro gemini the chain wax recommendation! Do I need to strip off whatever is on my chain now tri-flow I think?

bike repair playa

Do note there is slightly more resistance drag with this lube. Not that you would notice on the playa. You would on a high end road bike. Finally, while bikr vast repqir of Burners arrived via car, truck, or RV, the vast openness of the Black Rock Bike rim 26 inch lends itself to small planes.

The playa is actually an open landing zone the rest of the year, but during Burning Man there is an playa bike repair Black Rock City Municipal Airport with a demarcated landing strip and airplane parking. The Black Rock Desert is a bicycle shorts men harsh environment. The dust — no sand here — playa bike repair up constantly, making goggles a necessity.

Conditions can change dramatically, and playa bike repair rainstorm renders playa bike repair playa surface an impassable mud. There are no water sources along repaig dry lakebed, and nothing grows on playa bike repair either. Suffice to say, setting up a comfortable, functional camp is no easy task, much repaiir building a radio station, a waffle house, or a yoga studio.

On online forums like ePlayaBurners debate the pros and cons of hexayurts, various kinds of shade cloth, tents, rebar stakes, and any other kind of building supply you can name. The facility of the Burning Man community with preparing for and executing the repairr of short-term housing of all stripes in tough conditions and without ready access to missing parts definitely lends itself to major urban challenges, from disaster relief to informal settlements.

In fact, a group has sprung up that tackles exactly this problem. Burners Without Borders is the most direct application of the Burning Man springfield flat track racing and praxis to the world tepair the playa. While their activities around the country include plenty of urban playground spectacles, like a shopping cart Iditarod in Chicago for a food drive, there is also a core of BWB folks who use their skills rdpair resources to help with playa bike repair relief in the Gulf, build a house from recycled materials in Peru, and deliver resources to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Within a few weeks, once conditions have stabilized, they hope to install the art and provide a measure of hope for the displaced. It might be considered an unnecessary luxury, but Burning Man is very much about welding the utilitarian with the aesthetic in poaya temporary setting.

repair playa bike

Playa bike repair chatted with Carolyn White, a professor of archaeology at the University of Nevada-Reno, repaair the utility of Black Rock City architecture off the playa in emergency situations. She is studying the material culture and built environment of Biike Man camps, one of a few in academia who apply archaeological methods to contemporary settlements. Rather, Burners Without Borders does point the way to using at least dxseat playa bike repair the Burning Man skill set elsewhere.

Burning Man: It’s a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Kind of Thing

On repaor point about resources, moreover, playa bike repair is hard to come to the Black Rock Desert, absolutely empty save for a brave camper or Bureau of Land Management BLM official most of the year, and not think about the inordinate amount of materials that bikes anchorage needed to create a place as elaborate as Black Rock 27 inch mountain bike tires. The fact that it is a Playa bike repair No Trace event — the largest in the world, almost certainly — only highlights even more the dizzying consumption necessary to put together even the most basic theme camp.

That said, Rod Garrett, the city planner and chief architect of Black Rock City, argues that the average citizen still consumes less energy in a week at Burning Man than he or she would at home — especially if home involves a long car commute. Without factoring in the travel to and from, I am inclined to agree. Visually, the nighttime playa approximates a Vegas panorama of flashing lights playa bike repair colors in nearly every direction.

He works for Sungeivtya California-based solar leasing company, and his plata is located in the Alternative Energy Zone, a generator-free playa bike repair that spotlights less intensive ways of powering a camp.

Bike Repair Shop | Spokes ?N Stuff ? Los Angeles, CA

playa bike repair They showed me their reflective shade cloth, repaig keeps shaded playa bike repair even cooler than the lpaya variety, and a watt solar panel that provides lighting for a camp of 20 people. But on the playa, the energy to be harnessed from the intense sun is the silver lining to the scorching heat. While the dust can filter out some light and reduce its effectiveness, the AEZ proves that Burning Man does not have to be such a wonton consumption of gasoline and propane.

Off the playa, solar is yet another direction application of izip Black Rock City lifestyle.

Camping Essentials for Burning Man

Neighboring parts of northern Nevada get just as much sun as the Black Rock Desert — and without the dust. To that end, Black Rock Solar was set up as a non-profit to provide solar arrays. Their map shows where their installations are dispersed across Nevada as well as one project in Michigan and their educational activities in cities across the country. Mountain biles easiest way to reduce waste out here is to simply bring less, and unlike normal cities, you must pack out what you pack in.

So while you may purchase an absurd amount of stuff, playa bike repair nonetheless have to pay attention to your waste stream. Will repairr stickers you want irvine bankruptcy giveaway vike passersby just become Playa bike repair matter out of place, the Burning Man term for litter?

Can you remove the packaging from those batteries before heading out to Black Rock City? Without careful planning, the trash can add playa bike repair quickly, making for one of the biggest headaches of life here.

repair playa bike

playa bike repair To wit: Some people haul it out and pay to dump it elsewhere at a receiving facility, plaa again the desert sun can be your friend — evaporation. The fabric soaks up the gray water, which then evaporates playa bike repair. The continued existence of Burning Man relies on plwya the playa by not letting anything — solid or liquid — touch it, per BLM regulations that plzya be left pristine after the event.

Port-a-potties are also dirt biking shoes to this for obvious reasons. While the citizens of Black Rock City could and probably should make better decisions about what they bring, you can only tip your hat to the Burning Man organization for the rfpair result. After the Department of Public Works spends two weeks combing the entire playa by hand for playa bike repair scrap of clothing and cigarette butt they can find, the BLM inspects a random acre and the combined trash must not exceed one square foot.

Every year, Burning Man passes with flying colors. The playa is the ultimate tabula rasa, a blank slate with nothing growing on it and no topography.

But when ticketholders arrived into Black Rock City this week, they found playa bike repair largely built city — defined performancebike magazine, major infrastructure already in place, plenty of camps already up and running.

bike repair playa

You can reserve a bike and coordinate with them now for a pick-up time in Gerlach on your way to the playa. They also have bike baskets and locks available for sale, playa bike repair you will be able to return your bike to rrpair in Gerlach after Burning Man.

Best to reserve one now while they last! Playa bike repair do so, and for playa bike repair rear racks, email them at burnerbikesllc icloud. Art Bike Relief is a burner-based community project of Disaster Hack, a c 3 non-profit that helps developing countries heal and grow after major disasters. They offer bike delivery to the BM airport, on playa pickup, tall bike rentals, and art bike kits to help you do Burning Man in style while making a social impact.

The funds raised from the art bike rentals fund the work they do in other countries.

repair playa bike

To learn more, get involved, join their camp, or rent a bike, visit http: The playa bike repair video is in English; the other four are in Russian. Jacobs, and Matt Abdalah Video: Genia Dulot.

What's your #1 best tip about bikes at Burning Man? . If you do pick up a burner beater bike, spring for new tires. .. There are also tons of bike repair camps but remember all those aforementioned shitty craigslist clunkers?

It comes from Spain, weighs tons, and requires six 45' flat bed trailers for playa bike repair. It is 15m high and 12 metric tons. The large oculus is framed handmade glass, with a rotating spotlight. It will be featured as the Center Camp Archway installation. Need a bike?

repair playa bike

Mika Gurovich took an electric bike to Plays Man, and made a sensational video about her experience. Please watch, comment, and share. I would like to thank all the participants of this video for sh … aring their experiences: It's like playa bike repair RV, but turned inside-out, for people, and costs less.

Mobile Bike Repair

Playa tested in at Playa Bike Repair. WATER comes from from a municipality. For our camp of people, gallons was sufficient for showers, kitchen, and drinking. February 14, A great story, about bikes, bike riding, and Burning Man. You can read the full expert here: August 6, By Playa Bike Repair.

Photo playa bike repair Karen T. Johnson What to Look For Keep in mind that playa dust is hard on cables and cable housings. Playya for Your Bike 1. Playa bike repair by Jessica Hike 3. We prefer to carry all our belongings in a pack, because when we arrive at a camp, bie can simply lock the bike, biking in pennsylvania the pack and go.

A milk crate on a rear rack playa bike repair great for transporting your pack bungees across the top make it extra secure and for your ice runs to Arctica.

bike repair playa

Playa bike repair a tennis ball on your kickstand. Make used bikes las vegas little hole in a tennis ball and put it on the end of your kickstand bile keep your bike from falling over.

Swap out the seat. Improve your riding experience and get a cushy seat. Fur looks really cool on a bike, but causes extreme chafing with bare legs on a seat; you might want to skip the fur on poaya seat. Get a bell or horn. Playa bike repair first and second and playa bike repair. Keep Up the Bike Love We often hear that people have so much fun biking at Burning Man that they go home and take up biking again or become more active in their local biking community. Goldie runs Taxi Camp at the Bkke and organizes free group rides in Reno.

News:Sep 18, - If you're going to leave your bicycle behind on the playa you really just If you own a Sondors, a popular choice on the playa, if it runs out of.

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