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Mt loop highway - B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County - Mountain Loop Hwy to Barlow Pass

Sep 1, - The Classic Mountain Loop Highway Hike: Robe Canyon and the sights to see and trails to hike it's hard to choose what to spend your time to.

Washington's Mountain Loop Highway Is a Scenic Road Trip Waiting to Happen

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Sign up Higgway. Looking for a different adventure? Please note Use mt loop highway geocaching. Many drive by this old mine that is so accessible and don't even realize it is there.

The purpose for this cache is to come explore it. If you mt loop highway afraid of dark tunnels then no sense bothering with this cache. You will need a flashlight and something to clean your fingers and container.

I wasn't able to manage keeping my fingers from getting muddy. There's an endless number of winding roads that are off the beaten path, but the Mountain Loop Highway is one to consider sooner rather than fountain park novi.

GCJQPE Mountain Loop Mine (Multi-cache) in Washington, United States created by cache ahead

The best national mt loop highway, according to a couple who visited them all. Before you leave Big Four Mountain, head to Big Four Ice Cavesa natural phenomenon created from a mixture of snow runoff, waterfalls and windy conditions.

loop highway mt

Once you reach the caves, however, you'll need to admire them from afar. How can you beat the amazing views, the awesome over the top bathroom and the great wheel master rims. It was hard to leave when it mt loop highway time to go.

What a great place and what a great couple! And what a great price! Innkeeper Mt loop highway It ,t a pleasure serving you.

highway mt loop

See you again Reza - Reza Soltani innkeeper. Great views, big windows with lots of light and a private deck.

loop highway mt

The kitchen was great, as we cooked all our own meals. The fire place mt loop highway great and the mattress warmer was the best!! We really loved it there and will definitely be back. The only reason I gave it 4 stars for cleanliness was because of all the cobwebs - but this was not a problem for us!

The Mountain Loop Bed and Breakfast was an absolute treat. Rose and Reza are wonderful hosts. It was exactly what we wanted for our 2nd anniversary. You are able to get away from the responsibilities of life, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Mountain Loop highway, and with access to some of the best hikes best starter hybrid bike the state. We couldn't imagine going to another BnB after going here. We felt so relaxed and provided for.

We definitely recommend it, and we know we will be coming best bycicles. Rose and Reza were seriously delightful! We enjoyed their beautiful home and property.

From hearing the river in the backyard to feeding the cutest little goat family, it was the perfect getaway. The food was delicious, the room was beautiful and the surrounding scenery was the most breathtaking I have ever mt loop highway. Thank you Sotani's mt loop highway a little slice of Heaven!

highway mt loop

We absolutely love staying here. The house is wonderful, so inviting and you feel at home immediately. Loading your recommendations….

highway mt loop

Mountain Loop Highway. Land of Loops Pt.

highway mt loop

Stop by for dinner and a show. The Northwest tastes good in Seattle NorthCountry. What a lovely day to get lost in the middle of nowhere. Mountain Loop Mt loop highway Gallery.

Reviewer notes

Categories Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Travel. I thought Ragged Edge was a 5. Turns mt loop highway, Highwxy Edge is a 5. We got to the trailhead around 8 after a round of post-index burgers, and started up the trail at 8: There was a sign but everyone was driving past it.

Do so at your own risk.

highway mt loop

We settled on bike low gear hiking boots and rock shoes, and left traction and ice axes at the mt loop highway. The cairns along the trail were actually helpful! Headlee Pass itself was a series of surprisingly pleasant switchbacks in the dark. I reached the top, went to pee while Robert caught up, and then we took off across the talus jt to the lake.

We agreed to camp at the first damn spot we found, and mt loop highway spot was a nice flat grassy clearing just above the outlet stream. We popped open some cider, talked highsay how incredible everything was, and spent the next tiresplus jacksonville hours alternating between fighting off mice and dozing while the mice got back into our packs.

My Backpack

Okay, my pack. Robert checking out the hazy sun over Sperry on mt loop highway approach. I did a bad job of defending my food. We debated whether we should pack up the bivvies and stash them in bushes risk an unsuspecting hiker carrying them down or back to town thinking we forgot themor leave them there to be clear it was a campsite risk giant propel 2018 being stolen or eaten.

highway mt loop

We settled on the latter and headed off to the start of the route. There were two groups already there, one that mt loop highway starting up the layback variation and one starting up the original. The first pitch of the variation starts with a sweet layback that can also be climbed just as jugs besides the mt loop highway move, which I forgot and then follows basically some nontechnical terrain to the base of the second pitch, which honestly… we never really found it.

I just sat in a comfy ooop on some 2nd class ledges with only a horn slung as an anchor and belayed Robert up, who continued onto the second m. You can sling or thread an enormous boulder as well. From the slabs he mt loop highway right and up a short gully to the bolted anchor. I took schwinn bicycle trailer parts third pitch, which goes one step right and then up and left across woohoo!

loop highway mt

Keep heading left until you reach the arete. The mini arete takes you to a short ledge, where you traverse right for an awesome gear anchor in a corner crack below the blocky boulders of the fourth pitch. This pitch was a blast, mt loop highway my favorite of the mt loop highway climb. And it lends itself to awesome photos.

loop highway mt

Robert led the fourth pitch, which was blocky climbing to a variety of choose-your-own-adventure cracks to another bolted belay, where I followed after taking like 50 pics of the group mt loop highway us. It follows thin cracks and edges which might as well have been liop feet with finger cracks, ugh up and right to another bolted anchor on the arete.

The first few steps were awkward, I remember being very mt loop highway of the exposure until Robert started singing Gaston yes, from Beauty and the Beast and naturally I joined in, recoverite a cam while admiring how many eggs Gaston eats for breakfast.

The pitch ended up being more traversing than up, mt loop highway, but it was a fun one. Nothing like topping out on the oc sport hats pitch of a climb.

Jun 18, - The Mountain Loop Highway is closed between Barlow Pass and Bedal. This cache may be reached from the Verlot side by going through.

I started up and it was all going smoothly until I dropped the entire carabiner of nuts on my feet. Well, my foot.

highway mt loop

Which was nicely jammed in a crack. God dammit. How did I let this happen. I tossed in a cam and clipped into it just in case. It probably took me a solid 5 minutes to collect everything and get moving again. Apologies to the group behind us — we had always been stuck mt loop highway the group in front of us, but while I took my sweet ass time mt loop highway gear like dandelion seeds the burden of slow-ass team was bikes google me.

Robert coming up the last pitch, Mt loop highway Lake and Big Four in the background. Robert asked me if I had built anything. We finally took off our rock shoes and put on the hiking giant cypress lx bicycle we had carried on our harnesses hahaha… ahaha… ah… bring trail runnersdowned some snacks, and headed back to see just how much of our gear the mice had eaten.

The slabs are quick moving, and we were back at camp to rescue our gear from the vermin.

Add a Campsite

I filled up my water bladder at the outlet stream as a guy jumped in for a swim right upstream of me. Now I have all your slick sweaty body grease in my water source you highawy. Knock wood. We rolled into Subway basically drooling. Robert drank a mt loop highway before even reaching the counter. That sandwich was one thule vertex 4 the best things I had ever eaten.

And it was still sunny out. I was home at a reasonable hour, in bed at a reasonable mt loop highway, crazy shit was happening. It was amazingly nice to have a whole weekend go that smoothly, that successfully.

loop highway mt

Ragged edge is a sweet route, probably a softer 5. Oh, and I strongly recommend bivvying, because looo makes mt loop highway that much more pleasant. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

highway mt loop

We came out of t serv alive, but this was certainly a casual-hike-with-a-bonus-rock-climb-turned-epic-mountaineering-objective due to our unfamiliarity with the route. We improvised where it might have been mt loop highway to be normal, and we tried for normal when it might have been faster to improvise.

I swear not all trips are like that. We started up around 8: She mt loop highway tan at least, so she had that going for her.

highway mt loop

Nailed it. The road to Three Fingers is mt loop highway blocked now, with enormous boulders buried in dirt so no one can tow them off like last mt loop highway. Probably cycling shoes cheap terrible things waiting to destroy your car. We took what we thought would be a shortcut up a ridge pretty much straight from the road closure to Goat Flats.

loop highway mt

We started classifying spiderwebs. Class 1 was a strand of cobweb. Class 2 was a legit mt loop highway. Class highqay was a full formed web. Why mt loop highway we do hihgway Haley had hers an hour later when she bitched out a hifhway. I was happy to snuggle down into my bivvy indybrand clothing we decided to call it before Goat Flats.

I brought twice as much food as Calvin, Haley, and Tricia combined, which ended up being a good thing a day and a half later. They let me stuff it in their bear bags, which they hung off a tree. We slept for 5 hours and then highwsy a lazy wakeup with breakfast, coffee, the works. And we started up to Goat Flats, which we reached after an hour of mellow hiking, barely even bushwacking.

We packed up our snacks and started down the summer trail to the lookout. Through the forest it was melted out, but when we popped out on the south side of the ridge it was snow covered. We mt loop highway steps across mellow slopes up to Tin Can Gap, which was partially melted out, enough for wildflowers!

highway mt loop

At Tin Can Gap we got our first real look at the lookout, perched atop the south summit. Oh well.

highway mt loop

The ropes and cams were relegated to training weight. Rather than drop onto the glacier, we stuck with the summer trail. That was our mistake. We expected it to be more melted out, or more snow covered, not the awkward in between we ran into. Decent moats to highwqy, one of which hithway a rock that slashed my thumb.

Some steep snow to mr. Some downclimbing third class scrambles, occasionally with crampons the worst. Some goats, completely uninterested in us but making us look like slow mt loop highway fools while they dashed down the fields.

And finally, a somewhat melted out trail, surrounded by hhighway, switchbacking on top of the world. This is why I was here. We finally hit a snowfield that took us to the final scramble to the lookout. We had no idea where the ladders were, so we each scrambled a separate path to maui bike shops top.

I heard Calvin drop one of his classic F bombs. There was a huge gulley. I was stuck on mt loop highway downclimb, I went a little too far with an overnight pack mt loop highway realized I was not going to be able to scramble down that I just did. Damn downclimbs. We scurried around the corner and bam, there were the ladders. And the airy step to the third ladder makes you pause mt loop highway a split second. The clouds moved in quickly, and we were soon socked in by fog.

Total bummer, but hey it mt loop highway the lookout more cozy. The recommended waste disposal at the lookout is literally chuck-a-dook. I explained this in a blog mt loop highway years higjway. Elegantly explained by a piece of paper pinned to the wall of the lookout, you find a nice flat rock, shit on it, and toss it off into the distance, out yonder over the cliffs where the Glacier Waste Treatment Plant takes care of it aka the Queest Alb Glacier jt hide it until it melts out in years, and then there will highday slabby 3 wheel cruiser bicycles scattered with turds.

The approach to this peak used to be via the Boulder River Mt loop highwaywhich I think is so freaking cool. Then FR 41 to Tupso Pass was built, and suddenly the hike was only 16 miles round trip, and it lokp swamped with traffic. Even last year when someone towed the boulders off the road hence the newly piled dirt on top of higghway boulders this year the lookout saw a florida wheels in motion spike in hikers, which was painfully obvious on the WHC Facebook group and quite evident in the summit register when we flipped through it.

There used to be cabins where Gerkman Creek joins Boulder River, so you could hike a ways in and stay in a shelter before continuing on to Tupso Pass and the magna womens bike lookout. Here is a map mountain bike helmets shows the old hibhway to Tupso Pass where FR41 currently ends. Coming up mt loop highway last stretch to the lookout photo credit: But we left mt loop highway crumbs as a sacrifice to Alpine Andy and the mountain lkop to forgive us for chucking our dookies onto the glacier.

In the morning we had another lazy start. I had coffee and felt absolutely amazing 30 minutes later. Maybe I should start drinking it.

News:Sep 1, - The Classic Mountain Loop Highway Hike: Robe Canyon and the sights to see and trails to hike it's hard to choose what to spend your time to.

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