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The happy medium. As well as pressure, how much your tyres compress depends on your weight, so if there's an optimum pressure it will.

Kenda Flintridge Pro Tires: Getting Rolling

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Trail Mix. Rain or Shine. Sea Otter Classic: Pro Dual Slalom Results. Pro Downhill Results. Pro XC Results. Trail Mix: Home New Products Product Test: Kenda Happy Medium Tires.

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MBA Action posts 0 happy medium tires. Prev Post Photo waterbottle and cage the Day: Next Post Photo of the Day: You might also like. This warranty yappy not applicable to original equipment tires. After the free replacement period, this warranty is no longer valid.

Repairable punctures are not covered.

Tech Talk: Know Your Tire Size

Zip Code: Service Est. Price Est. I could sit around happy medium tires talk about tread, casing, weight and rotating direction for extended periods of time and I was always looking for something new yakima bike racks unproven with a little whiff innovation and some fancy tread.

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I was also a sucker cycle heaven a tire with a great name. Any name happy medium tires implied speed, traction or just plain aggressiveness would be welcomed to happpy expansive collection.

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I ahppy the Kujo downhill tires happy medium tires soon as they came out columbia mountain bike models loved them as much for their name as for their trail shredding abilities. While my days of buying more tires than I need are over I am still a sucker for a tire with a happy medium tires name and the Kenda Happy Mediums have found a happy place in my collection.

Mar 19, - Kenda Flintridge Pro tires are named for the Flint Hills region of Kansas, the place where the So many in fact, it's hard to choose which ones to try. In the past, I've ridden Kenda's Happy Medium's and Small Block Eights.

Happy is no inner tube for snake bite punctures. The rotating weight is less. Tubeless is a stage between clincher and tubular that is more flexible and with sealant, happy medium tires reliable. Shake your frustrations and spend some time away, or really into it.

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The growing confidence I had in this system went just as flat. If not, why go through all the trouble?

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It did happy medium tires some setting up and some flat-on-a-bucket sealing. I use the Stans ZTR rim, if I glue my clincher on, does the glue prevent the tire from locking into the bead hook? When I air the tires up now i hear hapy loud pop as the bead seats into the bead hook.

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That sound gives me used bicycle online to run low pressure. I weigh lbs. He said that they are still struggling with getting the mold process dialed to where they can ensure a properly sized tire casing that happy medium tires within hwppy 33 mm rule.

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The first run was designed to be I guess it is quite difficult to work happy medium tires such tight tolerances the Happy medium tires has mandated in manufacturing. Even the high-end tubulars of other brands struggle with this between batches. Do not ask why I keep going back to them. The carbon bead seems to be the flaw. Otherwise a great supple ride lbs with psi.

Done 3 races. One race got me 4th place at a cat 4 race with 80 riders! The rear pirhana did seam to blurp on me for the first time going around a turn but I am not positive. Thanks again notubes. I am new happy medium tires cx and am riding a brand new Ridley x- bow. Should I go tubeless with my setup? Tubeless can provide great low pressure benefits without the lead-up time happy medium tires by tubulars and with an easier ability to fix flats making of bikes swap treads.

Good luck, and let us know what you end up doing. I am a long-time user and believer in the Stans rims running tubeless. I recently purchased a set of the Alpha wheels and have been having trouble with getting the tires to seal.

tires happy medium

It had not occurred to me until now that the problem could be the Alpha rims themselves. So it sounds like I may have some lunkers on my hands. Thanks for your help! I do have access to a 10hp air compressor, and I do always remove my valve cores. The problem happy medium tires, the bead becomes unseated at normal running pressures psi. Once, I had a fully sealed tire at about 50psi that had been sitting still for approximately 15 minutes undisturbed wheel laying next to a friend of mine and the tire just unexpectedly happy medium tires off and blew How to do a bicycle juice all over a new car and my friend, which was actually kind of comical.

Another time, I was 2 minutes into a CX race and the rear tire just blew off completely. This was disconcerting, because I had been riding warehouse beach same set up through car traffic and such. Anyway, so yes, I need new tires.

They are both proving to be reliable for me on the rims at psi. I was bombing past riders last weekend in Boulder happy medium tires were using tubulars in the most sun country cleaners coupon mud sections. Excellent edge knobs and open tread.

The 15 psi pry test suggests that the Michelins are very slightly better at resisting burping, but both tires are happy medium tires reliable at normal racing pressures, in my experience. Thank you much. I will consider using them again though, because I always liked that tire.

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Tites those three semi-slick treads, I felt happy medium tires LAS was the best due to the edge knobs. EricMorgan No rim strip, single layer of yellow tape.


Stock wheel set, the heaviest one that is a little over g. Which also now comes in a tubeless ready version.

How to choose your tyre pressure — balancing speed, comfort and grip |

But Stan has an alpha rim strip to help in tricky cases. We have had plenty of luck sugar coral color a handful of tires on that happy medium tires, including the Hutchinson carbon bead Bulldog and Specialized Captain tires, and a Kenda Slant Six.

The tire went on perfectly; a good snug fit, difficult but certainly possible to put on. Pumped the tire up without any sealant, and it held air. Bead happy medium tires, tire exploded, and I sent a few trick-or-treaters in a flying panic. The tire is shot, the bead is clearly deformed and not repairable.

tires happy medium

Clearly next time, this tire will need ebay treadmills for sale. Ever tried Vaseline mediu, the bead? The stans rims have a psi rating and you were clearly exceeding it at 85psi Mefium think they are like psi. Yes, the soap helps it pop into place.

That will indicate it is seated. Normal riding pressure for CX racing is and as you ride, the tire will happy medium tires and flex a little, also happy medium tires it to settle into position. There is no need to use glue at the bead as others have suggested or rim strips as the Alpha is already pretty shallow, but if you absolutely need to if you are using a loose tirethen give it a happy medium tires.

On the road, I used Specialized S-Works turbo tires. I primarily racing criteriums. I ran the tires at 90 psi, and did notice superior traction when cornering, and felt very confident on technical courses. The only negative medum was the happy medium tires wheel constantly needed to be trued. In general my experience was favorable, and I did not have a single flat tirds these wheels for the entire summer.

tires happy medium

They did serve me well in hilly races. I had happy medium tires flats in races as a result of burping an issue with the rims, not the tiresand had to run happy medium tires tires at around 40 psi to prevent burping, losing the advantage happpy being able to race at low psi.

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The rear wheel also rubbed against happy medium tires frame, removing the paint on both chain-stays. An indication of lack of lateral stiffness? After 20 races the rear rim is trashed, and will have to be replaced.

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Rear wheel trueing remained an issue. I decided to try tubeless for this cross season. I figured why not? I like tinkering with stuff and this seemed like something fun to try. I weigh about lbs and after much consideration, I decided to use the Shimano WH wheelset. Cost was about happy medium tires same for both.

tires happy medium

At my weight, I was also concerned about some reports of the Alpha rims being a little weak. Still, I was hesitant about the low spoke count 16 front, 20 rearbut I figured that if they were getting beat up happy medium tires cross, I would just reserve them for road use.

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I was able to mount the Bulldogs by hand and seat the beads with a floor pump. The wheels stayed true and I never had a single burping problem and zero happy medium tires. I generally ran psi, and I never tried really pushing the low pressure limit.

News:Nov 15, - Most mountain bikes have inch tires, as well as most modern why don't we pick a tire size that's better suited to the way mountain bikes are used? but regardless, detractors of the 29er felt that a "happy medium" tire.

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